Coordination process

The EUSCG develops, monitors and maintains an overarching European UAS standards RDP, based on the inputs from the EUSCG members, and where needed other key actors in the aviation domain.

Thanks to discussions amongst the members, the sharing of work among the Standard Developing Organisations (SDOs) is facilitated, avoiding the risk of overlapping developments and gaps;

In doing so, the EUSCG monitors all relevant processes, resource availability and other related risks and issues. The results of discussions are reflected in the RDP, which is regularly updated and available here.

The discussions at EUSCG level are then acted upon by the relevant organisations, in accordance with their own procedures.

In addition, it is recognised that interfaces at different levels with a number of organisations may be necessary to obtain relevant information, provide recommendations etc. No formal links are set up, but rather such communication is organised by the EUSCG Chair/Secretariat.

The EUSCG could also support the identification of non-civil aviation specific standards, but no specific interface and task have been identified so far.